Fondazione Imago Mundi is a non-profit institution born in 2019 as an evolution from the Imago Mundi Collection, with the aim to act as a new catalyst for artistic expressions and cultural exchange in a highly interconnected world.

Mission of Fondazione Imago Mundi: a contemporary art foundation in Treviso (Italy), located at Gallerie delle Prigioni

Fondazione Imago Mundi seeks to give an image of what the world is now, but also to imagine what it could be in the future. From the eyes of the artists to those of all of us.

Promoting visual art

Fondazione Imago Mundi pursues a dual purpose: firstly, it develops an exhibition programme and promotes the Imago Mundi Collection through exhibitions, public programs, publications and artistic commissions, also in collaboration with other institutions. Secondly, it is committed to the dissemination of contemporary visual art and its languages, in an experimental and international context.


Fondazione Imago Mundi intercepts researches in different fields to open up to all creative dimensions; it aims at weaving connections and relationships between different contexts, to offer its public a contemporary, critical and transversal artistic observatory.


Fondazione Imago Mundi is open to all generations through different languages and free interdisciplinary proposals. It aims to be an inclusive forum for artists, from emerging to more established, and a space that is open to the public and to the art critic.

The Imago Mundi Collection, born in 2006 from an idea by Luciano Benetto

Imago Mundi Collection

The Imago Mundi Collection, born in 2006 from an idea by Luciano Benetton, has brought together over 26,000 works in the 10 by 12 cm format, by artists from more than 160 countries and indigenous communities and collected in as many catalogues. Through art, it has mapped the expressive diversity of human cultures to form an inclusive and democratic creative community.

Gallerie delle Prigioni

In 2018, the opening of our exhibition venue Gallerie delle Prigioni, a former prison in the centre of Treviso restored by architect Tobia Scarpa, marked a further step towards what Fondazione Imago Mundi represents today, and created an experimental platform to host exhibitions, talks, international events and educational workshops.

Location: Piazza Duomo 20, Treviso (Italy)

Gallerie delle Prigioni in Treviso (Italy), restored by Tobia Scarpa

Staff of Fondazione Imago Mundi, a contemporary art foundation in Treviso (Italy). Enrico Bossan, Chiara Longhi, Anna Chiara Venturini, Elisa Carollo, Barbara Liverotti, i, Marco Pavan, Marcello Piccinini, Gabriele Riva, Mattia Solari


Enrico Bossan, Chiara Longhi, Marco Pavan, Gabriele Riva, Mattia Solari, Elisa Carollo,
Anna Chiara Venturini, Barbara Liverotti


Nicolas Vamvouklis, Suzanna Petot, Marion Eele, Namyoung An, Bianca Otilia Ghiuzan, Fuse Tsang, Giorgia De Luca, Daniele Tonon, Laura Bolzan, Laura Barreca, Nicolas Ballario, Chiara Pirozzi, Andrea Cusumano, Lucia Longhi