Italian Twist - Art Talks

A series of live and online conversations between the artists featured in the exhibition Italian Twist together with philosophers, curators and other researchers, to explore the different themes and aspects that their artistic practice intersects.

The programme of public encounters of the exhibition Italian Twist consists of seven appointments with the artists featured in the exhibition, the recording of the talks is available only in Italian.

The dialogue will develop from the topics raised by their artworks to touch on various aspects of our contemporary world.

The calendar of meetings is:

07/07 – Inesattezze della forma; Fabio Roncato in dialogue with philosopher Davide dal Sasso

22/07 – Painting Now, la pittura emergente in Italia; curator Carlo Sala in dialogue with Paola Angelini, Diego Gualandris, Iva Lulashi, Ludovico Orombelli, Marta Spagnoli

06/10 – Parole come respiro, il ruolo di poesia e linguaggio nell’arte contemporanea; dialogue between the poet Allison Grimaldi Donahue and scholar Marzia D’Amico

14/10 – L’oggi pandemico; tra realtà e virtualità; dialogue between the artist Giuseppe Di Liberto and professor Carmelo Marabello

21/10 – L’eclissi del normale; dialogue between the artist Christian Fogarolli and curator Angel Moya Garcia

26/10 – Nascere froci in un mondo etero; dialogue between the artist Ruben Montini and philosopher Lorenzo Bernini

02/11 – Metafotografie, dentro i limiti del visibile; the artists Irene Fenara and The Cool Couple in dialogue with critics Mauro Zanchi and Sara Benaglia