Dennis Munene

Dennis Munene is an award-winning photographer and storyteller. Born in Kenya, he lived as an internally displaced person in his region. During this time, he became passionate about documenting the stories of his community and the struggle and resilience of his people. Since then, Dennis has continued to use photography to tell stories about people living in difficult circumstances.

His work has been featured in photography competitions such as the British High Commission Nairobi Climate Changemakers Photography Competition, Aljazeera, Kalasha Awards and Noir Magazine and in international publications. He was nominated for Photographer of the Year in Noir Magazine in 2022.

He has worked on projects in Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya, as well as in various refugee camps across the region.


This film follows the lives of three different ethnic communities living in a refugee camp: Somali, Sudanese, and Ethiopian. We witness their struggles to survive as refugees, and learn why they have been forced to flee their homes. The Somalis have been driven out by civil war and violence, while the Sudanese have been displaced by famine and war. The Ethiopians are victims of political persecution. We follow their daily lives, learning how they cope with the harsh conditions of the camp and the difficulties of adjusting to a new life.

We also learn of their desperate attempts to reunite with family members who were left behind. Despite the challenges they face, they maintain hope and resilience. The film culminates with a powerful moment when the different communities join together to celebrate their shared culture and history. While recognising the strength of working together and the importance of preserving their heritage, the residents of the camp discover that, although they have been forced to leave their homes, they have a new place to belong to.