Qatra Qatra Drop by Drop. Perspectives from Afghanistan

“Qatra Qatra / Drop by Drop. Perspectives from Afghanistan” is an exhibition inaugurated on the occasion of the international day for the elimination of male violence against women and curated by Aman Mojadidi at our exhibition site in the Gallerie delle Prigioni in Treviso. It exhibits works by 4 contemporary artists of Afghan origin (Kubra Khademi, Angama Hamiri, Rada Akbar, Lida Abdul) and 1 male artist Mario Garcia Torres.

The concept of Qatra Qatra Exhibition

The title of the exhibition comes from the ancient Afghan proverb Qatra Qatra Darya Mehsha which means “Drop by drop a river is formed”: it underlines not only the importance, but also the need for patience, hope and determination.

“Qatra Qatra / Drop by Drop. Visions from Afghanistan”rather than being one of the many reactions to recent events that have seen Afghanistan at the center of the news, it is envisaged as a timely reflection on the rich and complex Afghan history, a history that has not ended but is still ongoing , and which includes a past, a present and a future. The selected artists represent the multiple, underground and parallel narratives that form the visual culture in Afghanistan.

Individually, each of the artists has a unique message; a visual poem against wars and the manipulation of history, a feminist re-reading and re-appropriation of myths and patriarchal tradition that discriminates and oppresses women, as well as a criticism of the use of social and religious norms dictated by men.

The works of Kubra Khademi, Rada Akbar and Hangama Amiri denounce the patriarchal society that oppresses women all over the world, especially in Afghanistan. Through their works they fight the patriarchal society created by men, regaining possession of their bodies and their freedom to exist, live, express themselves.

Collectively, these artists present themselves as active participants and as the artistic embodiment of the ancient motto mentioned above, bearers of hope, patience and determination, because qatra qatra, drop by drop, will form a river.

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25 November 2021 / 9 January 2022

Gallerie delle Prigioni - Treviso

Curated by

Amanullah Mojadidi

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